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Application Development: Web, Desktop, & Mobile

Let ECity Solutions develop fully functional software to be at your disposal for you and your business. Manage your business with reliable and effective software.

Our professional team can help develop Custom made software specifically for your business and make your business have a greater impact on the market. Make our custom software work for you.

ECity Solutions offers a large variety of services to ensure complete satisfaction such as adding features to existing software, building custom software from scratch, implementing the most up to date resources, and combining both technical and business aspects in one package.

ECIty Solutions has years of experience developing enterprise-grade web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications. Our dynamic team of developers from a broad assortment of software development backgrounds is skilled with the understanding of various programming languages. markups and frameworks. 

Some of the languages and frameworks we are experienced in include:

  •  Laravel
  •  OpenCart
  •  WordPress
  •  Odoo ( OpenERP)
Html5 & CSS 3
  •  Bootstrap
  •  Foundation
  •  Sass              
  •  Less
  •  Apache C++ Standard Library
  •  Ultimate++          
  •  Qt
  •  .Net
Objective C
  •  Swift               
  •  Cocoa
  •  Rails
  •  JavaFX     
  •  Swing     
  •  Spring     
  •  MVC          
  •  JSF          
  •  JSP               
  •  Spark
  •  MySQL
  •  AngularJS
  •  CreateJS     
  •  jQuery     
  •  Backbone.js

We’ve developed applications for Multi-million dollar and Big Data companies all across the globe. With our extensive combined education and skill set for Application Development, ECity Solutions has the resources you need to turn your software visions into realities.

Technology Practices:
  •  Microsoft
  •  Java/J2EE
  •  Open Source
  •  BI and Analytics
  •  Data Acquisition
  •  ERP Integration
Mobile Technology:
  •  IOS         
  •  Android
  •  Windows Phone