Project Management: Waterfall & Agile - ECity Solutions | Marketing & Software Development | Orlando FL

Project Management:

Our Project Management approach includes full life cycle methodologies based on the Agile movement.
These include

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

 With our Systems Development Life Cycle approach, ECity Solutions successfully:

  • Identifies deficiencies in the operations of current system implementations by evaluating its infrastructure and use
  • Defines the exact requirement of the new system
  • Designs the new system by diagramming the way that it should be housed, what specific hardware will be used, what operating systems will be in use, what programming is required, how the system will communicate and all of the inherent security issues with proposed solutions.
  • Develops the system by procuring all of the necessary hardware and software, programming and configuring the system based on the proposed design, testing all aspects of its operations and training personnel its use.
  • Implements the new system by determining whether the best approach is a complete shutdown of the previous or by phasing in the new system gradually by putting its operations into use one by one or by sets.
  • Maintains the new system by constantly evaluating the cost-effectiveness and practicality of its use as the business grows and changes; making necessary updates or modifications to its components, services, and programs; and continuously updates its users on changes.

Agile (for application development)

With our Agile approach for Application Development, ECity Solutions:

  • Delivers estimates for projects that are closer to the actual cost
  • Knows the boundaries and limitations of our development team in order to realistically assess what projects we are capable of taking on
  • Keeps deadlines by staying focused on the most important tasks